Unfasten Association



Unfasten Association I

Ink-jet print on coated paper and found objects.    variable.    2014

Unfasten association I was a site-specific work for an exhibition called FLATE 9, curated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao, at house no 194, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi. The Central idea for the show was to use the existing materials and space of the house without changing the orientation and elements of the space. This work was one of the first interventions related to the ideas of form, space, and the objects inhabited by the particular space. This interposition was constructed keeping in mind Jasone’s (resident of the space) arrangement of his personal belongings which were studied, manipulated, and photographed. This manipulated arrangement of objects was then pictured and placed alongside the original set up. This interchanging formation of objects led to the play and examination of certain pseudo behavioral patterns, wherein making an everyday object an archival property.



Unfasten Association II

Ink-jet print on coated paper, wood.     60x70x10 inches.     2015.

Other works of the series are an extension of the work done for the show “flat 9” in 2014. I replaced real objects from actual size color photographs of the same object. I photograph them from a very particular angle and specific lighting, so when we see it from any angle they look lifelike and create an illusion of being present



Unfasten Association III

wood, glass, LED light, vinyl print.    48x36x12 inches each.   2015.

Constructions and deconstructions of space which is engulfing the city through a period of time, with the changes it is formulating a new necessity for us. Inspired by the rapid change which started happening in and around our faculty campus in Baroda. Assassinating the idea of living memory, or a part of it with which we are attached and detached at the same time. Reminiscence plays an important role in this series which connects these objects and triggers the collateral incidents and memories of the place, object, and person by knowing the fact that
it is just a coincidence.

I used window panels as a metaphor to see into different spaces. I used two panoramic photographs in the same panel printed the images on transparent vinyl and pasted them on the glass. I placed them back to back and installed a light inside when the light is off we are able to see only one image and when the light is on we can see both the images together.




Unfasten Association IV

Digital Print, Acryl Sheet, Wood, and LED light.      33″x24.     2015




Unfasten Association V

Digital Print, Iron Window.    Glass.  Variable.     2015


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